The William Watson Hotel Furniture Co. is a specialist provider of the finest bespoke furniture to leading five-star hotels and resorts. With an authentically strong focus on quality and service, we provide our clients with the specialist personal care and attention they deserve throughout the entire furniture procurement process.


Our furniture is luxurious and beautiful. It’s also robust and functional. Every piece is customised to suit the individual needs of each client or the specifications set down by its furniture designer or interior design consultant. A hotel or resort with furniture from The William Watson Hotel Furniture Co. naturally holds an elevated position within its environment and marketplace.


Our ability to produce such outstanding results comes from our management team’s experience. Having spent 17 years developing and project managing the delivery of five-star hotels and resorts in Australia (Gold Coast, Queensland), Indonesia (Bali), the Middle East (United Arab Emirates) and South America (Uruguay), our insight is unique.

• We understand the importance of an
  efficient and effective procurement


• We deliver the highest quality furniture,
  without exception.


• We align the procurement of our furniture
  with the hotel or resort’s development
  delivery program.


• We work closely and intelligently with
  each client’s designers to optimise and
  achieve their budget expectations. Our
  direct relationships with the furniture
  manufacturer and the use of local skilled
  labour, timbers, fabrics and furniture
  accessories, all keeps costs down.


• We have proven ourselves to be a trusted
  single point of contact for hoteliers,
  developers, interior designers and
  FFE (Furniture, Fittings and Equipment)


The William Watson Hotel Furniture Co. proactively adds value at every stage in the procurement process as we travel the journey with our clients, from early design phases through to the final delivery of the hotel or resort, whether it is a new build, redevelopment or refurbishment. We expertly assist to scope and design the furniture required, in close consultation with the client’s design consultants. We subsequently manufacture, deliver and install with exceptional attention to detail and care.


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