We have long recognised, just as every client’s needs vary peculiar to the particular hotel or resort development, different clients require customised services and assistance. Flexibility is fundamental to everything we do, as is our commitment to excellence. Rest assured, regardless of the responsibilities you give to us, we will deliver outstanding outcomes efficiently and cost effectively.

1. Initial consultation

• Procurement Strategy Development

• Design Coordination (including product
  rationalisation recommendations)

• Product Procurement Optimisation (quality,
  lead time delivery, budget)

• Preliminary Quantities Scheduling

• Preparation of Indicative Budgets

• Procurement Programming (MS Project)

• Risk and Safety Management Planning

• Prototype Procurement Management


2. Tender processes

• Tender Processes Participation

• Bills of Quantities Preparation (Priced)

• Inclusive Price Presentation (for all facets
  of the procurement process)

• Competitive Pricing (Fixed Price)

• Contract Documentation Preparation

• Purchase Order Management

3. Contract execution

• Component Procurement (timber, fabric,
  hardware, furniture accessories)

• Factory Inspections and Quality Control

• Variation Management

• Regular Detailed Progress Reporting
  (typically monthly)

• Alignment and Compliance with the Overall
  Hotel / Resort Development Program

• Freight Forwarding Management

• Customs Clearance Management

• Delivery to Storage Management

• Storage and Logistics Management

• Delivery Transportation to Development
  Site Management

• Furniture Installation Management

• Risk and Safety Management (storage,
  delivery, installation)

• Financial Management (progressive and
  final account)

• Post Installation Services


Our key activities include but are not limited to:

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